REVIEW: Lost In Translation

By Press Room contributor, Chloe Reeson Friday – 5pm-6pm, The Royal Exchange Translators, to me, are the coolest writers of […]

REVIEW: Gender in Genre

By Press Room Contributor Bridget Lutherborrow Friday – 3:30pm – 4:30pm, Elderly Citizen’s Centre There’s always a certain awkwardness at […]

REVIEW: Slashies

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REVIEW: Fake People, Fake Panel

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REVIEW: Debate – Fact Vs Fiction

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REVIEW: Writing for People Without a Voice

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REVIEW: Confessional Writing

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REVIEW: Femme Fatales: Beauty, Fashion and Femininity Writing

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REVIEW: Research and Lived Experience

By Press Room Contributor Bridget Lutherborrow Friday – 2pm-3pm, The Royal Exchange Not all of us can write about ourselves. […]

REVIEW: Get Lost

By Press Room Contributor Scott-Patrick Mitchell  Friday – 5pm, Newcastle Museum Undoubtedly everybody who has visited TiNA or NYWF had […]