Images courtesy Two Thousand. 

Here to prove print ain’t dead

This post is by #NYWF13 artist Wilfred Brandt, nacho-lover, print-enthusiast and all-round legend. He will be appearing in Hey, Good Looking on Friday October 4, 2.30pm-3.30pm; The New Niche: Journals Proving Print Ain’t Dead on Saturday October 5, 10am-11am; Salad Days: Stories of Memorable Meals on Saturday October 5, 1-2pm. 

It’s very sad watching daily newspapers close down, and mainstream magazines aren’t doing so well either. Yet just last year MoMA celebrated the proliferation of innovative, new indie print publications with a large exhibition. And just this week Aussie independent Monster Children release a gigantic book commemorating ten years of publishing (which has seen them open an art gallery and expand into the U.S.).

The New Niche: Journals Proving Print Ain’t Dead is a panel talk on Saturday October 5 discussing the ever-growing number of independent publishers worldwide making unique journals for special interests; think a surfing publication from Spain or a trash culture comic-slash-magazine from Portland. Mass media print may be struggling, but alternative publishing is thriving.


Images courtesy Two Thousand. 
Images courtesy Two Thousand.

Panelists Meg Clune, Holly Childs and Brodie Lancaster will talk about what it’s like from the publisher’s side. Meg is the editor of World’s Only magazine, which covers contemporary classical and experimental music with a young, down to earth attitude. Brodie is the editor-in-chief of feminist film zine Filmme Fatales whose most recent issue on women and music covers everything from Mary Poppins to actor Courtney Love to the Beyonce documentary (and even comes with a free pull out poster of Whoopi Goldberg). Holly is the editor of Crazy in Love magazine, a Melbourne-based independent publication showcasing the work of experimental and emerging artists across a number of disciplines.

Plus! I will be bringing up many of my favorite obscure cult publications; Club Donny, Teen Witch, Galactic Zoo Dossier and Richardson to name just a few. As a Contributing Editor for, I regularly handled book/zine/magazine reviews, and got a shit ton of great stuff to review. You may peruse my bounty! (I’m also going to bring some books relating to the history of alternative publishing; The Process, The Best of the Realist, et al.)

My obsessive interest in niche publishing makes me an enthusiastic – and hopefully capable – moderator for the panel discussion. Independent publishing has always been a terrific platform for unfiltered ideas and opinions, and it has always allowed individuals the opportunity to indulge whatever their passion is, be it canine companions, gourmet bathing,  or Evil People In Modernist Homes in Popular Film.