REVIEW: Publishing from The Underground

By Press Room Contributor Bri Lee, Image taken by Alana Pots Saturday – 4pm-5pm, Elderly Citizen’s Centre It’s hard for […]

REVIEW: Me, Myself, and I: Writing for Yourself

“Me, Myself and I: Writing for Yourself” was definitely the most pleasant roundtable discussion I attended at the festival. Although, […]

REVIEW: Fail Harder – Imposter Syndrome

Saturday – 12:3opm – 1:30pm, Soul Cafe Words and Image by Press Room Contributor Bridget Lutherborrow Fail Harder sounds a […]

REVIEW: Self Care

By Press Room Contributor and Marketing Manager Katie McAllister Saturday – 11:30am – 12:30pm, Soul Cafe It was quite fitting […]

REVIEW: Gender in Genre

By Press Room Contributor Bridget Lutherborrow Friday – 3:30pm – 4:30pm, Elderly Citizen’s Centre There’s always a certain awkwardness at […]

REVIEW: Going Bust Roundtable

By Press Room Coordinator Madeleine Laing Friday – 11am – 12pm, The Royal Exchange The roundtable format for discussions is […]