TiNA Talk: Language

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Friday 28 September , 10:00 am – 11.00am

In theory, creativity has no bounds. But as creative ideas evolve into more tangible aspirations, their freedom begins to dissipate as they are shaped and framed by written and verbal language. An unavoidable process, the framing of ideas with language is a task that every creative must face each time they seek to express their work publically. It doesn’t matter that their creative expression might be dance or painting, it is through verbal and written language that these outputs must pass so that fellow collaborators, audiences, and stakeholders are able to understand and discuss the experiences on offer. Titles, rationales, and programs, these are some of the often overlooked scaffolding in which we try to organise the chaos of creative expression. Join us as three TiNA artists (to be announced) discuss how written and verbal language can function to both enhance and undermine their creative ideas, processes and products in this special cross-festival event.

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