How much does the festival cost to attend?

Nothing. Seriously, nothing. All core NYWF events are free.

We have charged for very small number of special events in the past, such as the 2012 festival’s Australia 2050 Black Tie Dinner and our recent Tao Lin satellite event; in these cases entry fees were charged to recoup production costs rather than for profit. (We think they were excellent value for money!) We are committed to being as accessible as humanly possible, and will not charge for events unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

When will this year’s program be released?

Each year’s program is scheduled for release in August. However, we often drop sneak peeks while we’re working on the program because we can’t contain our excitement—keep checking this site, follow our Twitter account, like ourFacebook page, or sign up to our newsletter to find out more.

Do I have to book tickets or reserve a seat?

On occasion we may need to use a reservation system for popular events, workshops, or events in venues with small capacities; in these cases the event’s description in the program will give you clear instructions about how to make a reservation or apply to be a participant. All other events are seated on a first-come first-served basis. Sometimes demand exceeds capacity; if you really want to be present at an event, it’s advisable to turn up ten minutes or so beforehand.

Where are the festival’s events held?

The festival’s events are held across a number of different venues in the Newcastle CBD; these venues vary from year to year depending on their availability and suitability. The festival program will clearly indicate where any given event will be held. Most venues are within walking distance of each other.

When should I book my accommodation for the festival?

As soon as humanly possible. Central Newcastle experiences a significant rush on available apartments, hotel rooms, hostel beds, and general places to crash every October long weekend due to TiNA. If you have no luck finding accommodation in the inner city, consider booking a little further out and using Newcastle’s excellent public transport to make your way in each day.