2018 Artist Announcement

The National Young Writers’ Festival is pleased to announce the artists for their 2018 program, which
runs from September 27-30.

Ninety artists will attend the festival in Newcastle, NSW. Guests include Egyptian-Australian Muslim editor Hella Ibrahim, young adult author Alison Evans, satirist James Colley, reporter Gina Rushton, and writer and editor Roj Amedi.

Other artists include China Aleisse of Floating Key, Laura Elvery, Evelyn Araluen, Shastra Deo and Stephen Pham.

Celebrating its twenty-first year, the National Young Writers’ Festival produces the largest gathering of
young and innovative writers in the country.

NYWF programming aims to enable the overlapping identities that are contained within each of our
artists. NYWF celebrates diversity and inclusivity in all its forms. Invited guests are based all over
Australia and are leading mould-breakers and exceptional young talents in their areas of creative

NYWF Chair, Shona Barrett, is thrilled with the artists attending the festival, saying “the values of inclusivity, diversity, and experimentation are core to NYWF. I am excited that the incredible young and emerging talent appearing at the festival will create a community that reflects these values, whilst celebrating new practice, critical thinking, and Australia’s rich and evolving literary scene.”

From intergalactic space-themed balls to fake news bingo, the four-day festival has a reputation for
poking holes in the accepted boundaries of literature. The programs span zines, comics, blogging,
screenwriting, poetry, spoken word, music, journalism, autobiography, comedy, song writing
and prose.

Alumni include the likes of Benjamin Law, Clementine Ford, Lawrence Leung, Gen Fricker, Natalie Tran, Yasmin Abdel-Magied, Omar Musa and Michelle Law.

The full program will be launched in the Sydney Customs House Library at 7:30pm on Friday, August 31st.


Full artists profiles can be viewed at the This Is Not Art website. Our artists include:

  • Adalya Nash Hussein
  • Aimee Knight
  • Siren Vandoll
  • Alexandra Neill
  • Alisha Jade
  • Alison Evans
  • Alistair Baldwin
  • Allison Gallagher
  • Andrew Gleeson
  • Angela Meyer
  • Anupama Pilbrow
  • Bastian Phelan
  • Beth Atkinson-Quinton
  • Carrie Hou
  • Casey Briggs
  • Cecile Richard
  • Chad Toprak and Freeplay Festival (in partnership)
  • Cher Tan
  • China Aleisse and Floating Key (in partnership)
  • Chloe Escott
  • Claire Albrecht
  • Claudia Long
  • Coel Healy
  • Dan Hogan
  • David Graham
  • Eamonn Marra
  • Eliza Berlage
  • Ellena Savage
  • Elliot Cameron
  • Elyce Phillips
  • Emily Baker
  • Enoch Mailangi
  • Ethan Andrews
  • Evelyn Araluen Corr
  • Express Media
  • Farrago Magazine
  • Gina Rushton
  • Grace Bruxner
  • Idil Ali
  • James Colley
  • Jamie Marina Lau
  • Jared Richards
  • Jess Cockerill
  • Jonathan Dunk
  • Jonno Revanche
  • Karen Lowry
  • Kate O’Donnell
  • Alexandra Hollis
  • Kayla MacGillivray
  • Laura Elvery
  • Freya Daly Sadgrove
  • Lech Blaine
  • Liz Duck-Chong
  • Luci Regan
  • Madeleine Dale
  • Madison Griffiths
  • Marcus Whale
  • Marisa Wikramanayake
  • Marta Skrabacz
  • Meleika Gesa
  • Melissah Comber
  • Merryana Salem
  • Michael Dulaney
  • Mira Schlosberg
  • Monikka Eliah
  • Morgo Snell
  • Nathan Sentance
  • Nayuka Gorrie
  • Nevo Zisin
  • Nina Baldotto
  • Patrick Lenton
  • Pavan Dutta
  • Rachael McGuirk
  • Rafeif Ismail
  • Rebecca Jessen
  • Robin Eames
  • Roj Amedi
  • Sam George-Allen
  • Hella Ibrahim
  • Saoirse Nash
  • Sharifa Tartoussi
  • Shastra Deo
  • Sheleila D’Paiva
  • Sian Vate
  • Sophie Overett
  • Stephen Pham
  • Creatrix Tiara
  • Tim Hutton
  • Wes Mountain
  • Yen-Rong Wong
  • Yusuf Harare
  • Zenobia Frost