A Newbie’s Guide to Newey Venues

As we gear up for another great year of lit-talking, fun-having and (most importantly) booze-drinking, we thought it would be nice to help you guys out with this handy guide to our many wonderful venues. Don’t stress too much: you’ll see a black balloon outside all of the This is Not Art venues. Still, in case you’re stuck…

Staple Manor
48 Watt St

Staple Manor is a concept more than it’s a place. The festival hub and home-away-from-home, Staple Manor is where to head if you want to socialise, unwind, regroup or get some work done. It’s also host to a bunch of great workshops and events. This year it’s pretty easy to find, because it’s a church with a bell tower. Hard to miss!

Staple manor

United Service Club Newcastle (The Gun Club)
55 Watt St

The venue which holds the award for Most Likely to Confuse TiNA Festival Goers, The Gun Club – officially known as the United Service Club, is also one of Newcastle’s most aesthetically exciting. The name’s what gets people, but just look for the TiNA balloons outside a lovely cream and coral building all the way up Watt St. And if you’re really stuck? It’s right opposite Staple Manor. If you want to look at some great military paraphernalia while you take in some literary art, this is the place for you.

gun club

The Great Northern
83-89 Scott St

Diehard NYWF-ers might remember The Great Northern as the venue that hosted the great Big Top Ball of 2011, and the Hip Hop Safari Ball of 2012, as well as many a trivia event, spelling bee, and miscellaneous party in its time. But if you’re new to the festival, don’t worry – it’s on the corner of Watt and Scott, and easy to spot. If you’re at Staple Manor, just point yourself downhill and start walking. It’s on the right.

northern 2

FogHorn Brewhouse
218 King St

The FogHorn Brewhouse is a brand new NYWF venue, and we’re stoked to welcome it to the family. It’s the place to head if you’re in the mood for some big fun events (preferably enjoyed over a freshly brewed coffee or home brewed pint). Remember to drink responsibly, everyone!


Royal Exchange
34 Bolton St

If you don’t know the Royal Exchange, you’ve clearly never been to NYWF. Home to the world famous (well, maybe) Late Night Readings, but also host to many a fantastic panel, it’s a beautiful old space filled with booths and beanbags perfect for relaxing in. It’s pretty much parallel to Staple Manor, so head down King St and you’ll be there in a hot second.

royal 2

Central Bar
145 King St

Another new one for NYWF, the Central Bar is a beautiful giant bar which is going to Go. Off. There’s a mezzanine balcony and chandeliers and everything. Come Saturday night when we all hit it up for the Enchantment Under the Sea Ball and make them regret ever letting us occupy the place. (Just kidding, any potential Central Bar staff that might be reading this. We’ll behave, we promise.)


Foreshore Park
Newcastle East

In the last few years the NYWF Zine Fair has occupied a few strange places, and while they were all great, we can promise you that none will be as picturesque as Foreshore Park. This year, as well as the Zine Fair, we’re also throwing a Lit Picnic to end all picnics in the park. Oh man. You guys can’t even understand how much fun it’s going to be, spending all your money on zines, market goodies and street food, gabbing at book clubs and playing lawn games until the cows come home. It’s set to be lovely weather on Sunday, too. We can’t wait.

park 1

Newcastle Museum
6 Workshop Way
The Newcastle Museum has an enormous inflatable globe. That’s not why we’re holding an event there but you can certainly go check it out while you’re there!

Newcastle Region Library
1 Laman St

The library is behind the Civic Park. Head toward the giant egg (courtesy of the Newcastle gallery and Brett Whitely) and you’ll find the library pretty easily. It’s the big one full of books squashed in between the gallery and the council chambers. Head there to see the folk from Word Travels.