A Quick Recipe for Writing Successful Food Books, As Interpreted (Poorly) by An Audience Member at Adam Liaw’s Conversation with Benjamin Law at #NYWF13

Press Room blogger, Farz Edraki, sums up Adam Liaw’s ‘Recipe for Success’ panel.

1 writer

1 photographer

1 stylist

1 home economist

2 dashes of “I-don’t-need-to-please-everybody” attitude. (According to Liaw, if you wrote a novel you thought everyone would love you for, nobody would love it. The same goes for food writing.)

Now, avoid adding cliché. This can sour your final product.

Mix thoroughly.

Repeat. Make sure you try different combinations of the above.  Learn through trial and error.

Serves 2(000). Ready to consume immediately.*

* Preferably after winning Masterchef.