Does the NYWF have an age limit? How young is ‘young’?

The focus of the National Young Writers’ Festival is creating opportunities for writers aged 18 to 35; however, artists and festival-goers of all ages are encouraged to get involved. Having some more experienced writers and industry folk on our panels and in our audiences is an invaluable part of the NYWF experience.

If you are a writer between 13 and 17 years of age, you may be interested in our Younger Young Writers’ Program.

Please note that some events take place in licensed venues and are therefore restricted to audiences aged 18 and over.

Can I apply as an individual, or do I have to be part of an organisation?

You can absolutely apply to be part of the festival as an individual. We accept applications from individuals, groups, collectives, gangs, squads or mobs—it doesn’t matter, as long as you love writing and are full of exciting ideas.

I really want to be an artist, but don’t have a specific event idea in mind. Can I still apply?

Of course! Tell us what areas you’re particularly knowledgeable about, or what sort of events you might be best suited to (i.e. workshops/panels/readings etc), and we’ll try our best to match you to existing events, or make new ones up for you. Please note that we prefer applications that give us a strong sense of what you can offer the festival, whether that’s well formed event ideas or a clear indication of your areas of expertise.

The deadline for applications has passed and I’ve only just discovered NYWF. Is it too late to get involved?

We are unable to accept applications after the deadline; however, as we shape the program we sometimes come across gaps in events (especially some niche topics) where we think we could really use another artist. In that case we may put a special call out for submissions to fill that gap.

As we get closer to the festival, we’ll be recruiting coordinators in various roles. You can also get involved with the seamy underbelly of the organisation by joining our team of volunteers. NYWF volunteers are extremely valuable to us and are generally promised our first-born children. Stay tuned!