What’s On: CELL

If you’re into poetry and you’ve got some time to kill on Saturday night before the ball, why not hit up CELL?

CELL, which got its start  in November 2013, is an experimental poetry series held in Kings Cross.  CELL came about when an assemblage of friends recognised the lack of new, local spaces for experimental modes of poetry. CELL is not interested in the performance and passive reception of poetry, but is all about the communal process of reading and experiencing.

This TiNA event features readers who’ve previously appeared at CELL and who have been involved in it from the beginning: Sam Moginie, Astrid Lorange, Eddie Hopely, Rory Dufficy and Elena Gomez. They are all making a really fascinating and important contribution to contemporary poetry. Come and see for yourself.

CELL is on Saturday 5.30 – 6.30 at the Gun Club. You can find the event on Facebook here.