Seeking submissions: Emoji-pocalypse

In the future, when the written word has become obsolete, the emoji will reign supreme.

Here at NYWF, we welcome this new regime. This year, we’re taking a glimpse into the future to explore the unplumbed depths of emojis and showcase their potential as a storytelling device.

We’re currently seeking submissions of pieces written in emojis. The work can be in any form –  fiction, non-fiction, poetry – as long as it’s written in emojis. The stories will be packaged up in tiny capsules and distributed at the festival. We will also potentially make them available on the website post-festival.

All submissions must be:

– Written in emoji (a little bit of text is fine but emoji need to be at the core of the story)
– 140 characters or less (the length of a tweet)
– Not more than five lines long
– By default they will be printed in iOS emoji, if you’d like a different format please include that in your email.

Some tips:
– You can adapt existing stories: think fairytales, myths, stories that people would recognise.
– You can use the emoji to “draw”, to create scenes. Your “story” could just represent a moment in time.
– Your pieces don’t have to be strictly narrative – abstract, lyrical pieces are great.
– You can submit as many times as you like – multiple emoji stories encouraged (they’re a bit addictive one you get going).

Make sure you include:

– Your Twitter handle or name (whichever you’d prefer we include with your story)
– Your name and mobile number, if you’d like to be entered into the draw to win an as yet undecided prize (prize will be drawn at, and can be collected during, the festival).

Send your submissions to