Get involved at a NYWF workshop!

Listening to writers talk shop is super fun, but what if you want to get a little more hands on? This year at NYWF we have a bunch of interactive, informative and educational workshops to help you with everything from writing about sex to performing your work on the stage to flying to space, obvs. And what better way to learn than from those in the biz? These events require booking ahead so send us an email at to secure a spot!

Writing Sex

Featuring Emma Marie Jones

Writing sex is hard! It needs to be frank but not overbearing, sincere but not saccarhine or overly sentimental. One of our favourite writers who knows her way around the sexy in prose leads this intimate workshop that will get your (creative) juices flowing.

Staple Manor | Friday, 10.00am

How To Become An Astronaut

Featuring Josh Richards

Astronauts and writers have more in common than you might think! In this once in a lifetime workshop, a real life astronaut will teach you what it takes to go to space in our writing and IRL.

Staple Manor | Friday, 2.00pm

Welcome to Roleplaying

With Ben McKenzie

Always wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but not sure where to start? Want to be surrounded by cute geeks? Roleplaying buff Ben McKenzie takes us on an educational adventure.

If It’s Good Enough for 9 Year Olds

Featuring Matt Roden

Matt Roden shows you the tricks used at the Sydney Story Factory to inspire young young young writers, and runs through workshop ideas for writers of all ages.

Staple Manor | Saturday, 11.00am

Perform Like A Pro

Featuring Kaitlyn Plyley

This intimate workshop with poet and performer Kaitlyn Plyley will take you through the basics of getting your poetry off the page and onto the stage. Microphone technique, body language, breathing and rhythm, learn how to memorise and perform with confidence.

Staple Manor | Saturday, 2.00pm

Small Press Workshop

Featuring Amy Middleton

Always wanted to start your own magazine or lit journal? Join the editor of Archer Amy Middleton for this workshop into the world of small press publishing.

48 Watt St | Saturday, 4.00pm

The First Five

Featuring Lauren Bok

Ever wanted to try stand-up? This workshop will help you turn those pithy anecdotes into a solid five minutes of material, ready for your first open mic night.

Staple Manor | Sunday, 11.00am

To book a spot in any of these workshops email


We also have a range of workshops that require no bookings at all! Roll up and participate!

Drawing For Writers, Writing For Drawers

Featuring Finbah Neill

Grab a pen and head to Staple Manor for some cross disciplinary fun, featuring a combination of word games, picture games and game games. Drawing! Writing! Friends!

Staple Manor | Friday, 4.00pm

Comics With Friends and Strangers

Featuring Georgina Chadderton and Owen Heitmann

Not a ‘how-to’ class so much as a meeting of like-minded folk who enjoy drawing comics or want to start. Treats, chatting, sketches, activities and fun to be had.

Staple Manor | Sunday, 2.00pm

Tinder Poetics

Co-presented by Critical Animals and the National Young Writers’ Festival. A Burroughs-style cut-up poetry workshop, using text derived from the poetics of online-dating.

The Lock Up | Friday, 2:00pm | Saturday, 2.00pm