NoViolet Bulawayo + NYWF 2014 Program Launch

Last night our Sydney NYWF contingent gathered at the very cool Alaska Projects space in King’s Cross for a night of shared love of all things literary. We gave away some of our favourite 2014 program highlights (full program coming to the website shortly!), and listened in awe as amazing Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo chatted to our very own brilliant festival artist Zoya Patel. They covered a bunch of interesting topics, from delving into the migrant cultural diaspora, to writing as a woman of colour, from how important continuing to read is for writers, all the way to how they hold Enid Blyton novels close to their heart.

NoViolet advised young writers to let themselves make mistakes and to ignore the haters since you’re never going to be able to make everyone like your book, and there was a fantastic discussion about writers’ festivals needing to be more open to audiences from diverse backgrounds, the quote of the night coming from NoViolet: ‘The world of reading should be an open country where everyone has a freakin’ visa.’

The wonderful Sarah-Jane Edis took some snaps on the night. And for Adelaide and Melbourne based writers and readers, come share in the love at our launches on the 28th of August and  4th of September. We’re looking forward to October!

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