Phrasal verbs and volunteering

Do you like helping out, pitching in, laying it down on the line, standing up for what’s right, paying it forward and other forms of selfless action? Did you read that sentence thinking, ‘man, I really like phrasal verbs, also.’

Then you may very well love volunteering at the 2013 National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle, where you will be able to indulge your predilection for phrases, verbs, phrasal verbs, and selfless action to your heart’s content.

We’re currently looking for a few more volunteers to fill out this year’s roster.

Probable duties include assisting us in setting up and pulling down events, walking a microphone around for audience Q&As, supervising stuff, hanging out, and filling that hole in your heart with the warm sense of belonging that comes from participating in something bigger than you (the bigger thing being a festival for young Australian writers, obviously).

You will also be looking and feeling great while you are doing those things, because we can supply you with lanyards.

If you have read this far and correctly identified yourself as an interested applicant, please email

Photo by Lucy Parakhina