Staff Highlights – Sian Campbell

This year we have more than 80 cracking events over the 4 day festival. We asked our staff to tell us the events that they are most looking forward to attending. First up, our Co-Director Sian Campbell picks her top five.

Late Night Readings
The Late Night Readings are a staple of our little festival and almost definitely my favourite part. I think they’re everyone’s favourite part! There’s nothing warmer or fuzzier than curling up on some beanbags and cushions on the floor of the Royal Exchange late of an evening, and listening to new and old friends regaling you with their words. If anything’s a “Must See”, it’s the Late Night Readings.

Subbed In: XXL
A bunch of very cool and excellent writers have come together to form a very cool and excellent collective (Antipodean Writer Pals) to put on a very cool and excellent reading series, and I’m personally pretty pumped about it. Writers will be teamed up to present collaborative readings. There will be videos and laughs and friends and fun. Look, we’re not 100% on how exactly this is going to all go down – and that’s what makes it so exciting. From the intel we have so far, this is going to be something pretty special.

The Ethics of Gonzo Journalism
This is something that’s been interesting me lately – what’s it really worth to do something “for the story”? And who does that end up costing, ultimately? We’ve got some really great writers tackling these questions on this panel, and I expect to hear some different takes.

Writing the Body
Our bodies are the sites of all our personal narratives, really – and how we navigate that in our writing is really interesting to me. It can be pretty hard to figure out how to write so intimately about yourself, but the result can be so rewarding, in more ways than one. As someone who seems to only write about her body these days, I’m really interested to see what these panellists have to say.

Erasures with Hera Linsday Bird
Fellow NYWF Co-Director Alex and NYWF Manager Rachel and I took this workshop on our recent trip to the New Zealand Young Writers Festival, and were so impressed we begged Hera to come over here and run one for us too. Think you could bang out some blackout poetry? Well, you definitely can – but there’s more of an art to it than you might think, and a rich history to the practice. Hera knows her stuff, and this workshop is definitely worth your while.

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