Support NYWF with $$

In 2017-2018, on our 20th Birthday, we are making a special call-out to our wonderful alumni, artists, supporters and audiences, to put a dollar sign on your love for the festival.

It’s a critical time for the festival to grow and it’s your generosity that can help us plan sustainably for the future NYWF that we dream about each day; better, more innovative, diverse and accessible for our artists and audiences. Our campaign is now live, if you are able to make a contribution please consider doing so, here, in honour of the last 20 years and in anticipation of the next!

We are a not-for-profit, entirely volunteer organisation, with DGR status registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. All monies raised go towards making a bigger, better festival. All donations over AUD $2 are tax deductible.

For further details about other ways to donate or show your support, please contact our Festival Chair at

Image credit: Sarah-Jane Edis