Wanna Workshop?

One of the side effects of seeing so many incredible writers, editors and performers talking about all the rad stuff they’re doing on panels at NYWF is that you get really PEPPED UP to do heaps of your own rad stuff. You’ll be running around Newcastle like ‘YEAH NOW IT’S MY TIME, GET READY WORLD/ MUM AND DAD/ EX BOYFS AND GIRFS’ – but sometimes it’s hard to maintain that energy when you’re back in real life where the non-stop inspiration is replaced with non-stop retail work and Big Beers. Luckily, while you’re still in the NYWF bubble, you can actually START working on some ideas, with plenty of talented artists lending their skills in our workshops that cover everything you need to know from craft and form to business deals and making sure you’re not getting ripped-off. There are also some that just seem fun as hell.

You can learn how to make ‘em hot for fun and profit, in the Nailing Sex Scenes workshop, give your hunky half-horse, half-dragon, all-man protagonist somewhere to hang out in the fantasy Worldbuilding session, or keep it personal and DIY in the Zine Zone (handmade is back and so are connector pens). If your words need to be spoken, there’s plenty of tips in the Screenwriting class, and if you’re words need to be spoken by YOU the World Travels Poetry Workshop is gonna push you right out into the spotlight.

There’s also plenty of room for experimentation, with classes like Erasures (“A form of text manipulation where new work is created by physically erasing or obscuring the source material”), Digital Poetry, Comics with Friends and Strangers, and Writing to Constraint showing you heaps of new ways to tell your stories. Get interactive by Making Your Own Text-Based Game that you can actually play by the end of the class, or learn what the hell kind of evil genius mind comes up with cryptic crosswords – and how YOU can be that genius.

Finally, if you’ve already got the writing thing pretty-well nailed, you can get tips on how to take the leap into Freelancing with Adeline Teoh, and how to make the most out of your excellent work in The Pitch – be those stingy editors will cage-fighting to get their hands on YOUR WORDS.

All the info on this year’s workshops can be found here and you can email info@youngwritersfestival.org to snap up your space – capacity is limited!