Podcasts: Their All Consuming Moment
Podcasts: Their All Consuming Moment

Work, Work, Work, Work(shop)

Do you enjoy learning in a fun and safe environment? There’s no better way to squeeze all the know-how and expertise out of our glorious 2017 artist cohort than attending one (or more!) of our free workshops.

Let your inner-CEO roar as you grab that cash and nail those spreadsheets with Unity Yamazaki, or polish your marketing copy until it shines like a newly-cut diamond with Sam George-Allen.

If it’s motivation that you need, Gabrielle Tozer is here to kick your butt into gear, and Vince Ruston will teach you strategies to cope with the downsides of the writing life.

Do you eat poetry for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then get ready to feast at the buffet, my friend. Chloe Mayne will sharpen your poetic focus, Melody Paloma will splice your words with art, and Tahlia Chloe will explode everything you thought you knew.

And if you want to dip your toe into new waters, try writing nefarious queers with Julia Pillai, jump online with the cool kids or delve into the occult with Mira Schlosberg.

Whatever workshop you choose, you’re sure to gain new skills and maybe even some like-minded buddies. Don’t forget to sign up to make sure you don’t miss out!

Image credit: Alana Potts