Young Journalist Symposium

The Young Journalist Symposium runs from 1-5pm at 48 Watt Street and gathers together journalists from many of Australia’s student media publications to discuss the issues facing young journalists and student media publications today.


1-2pm Design Politics 
Ever wonder how designers and communications students actually communicate with each other? Take the lead from those who know most about passive aggressive compliments, InDesign, and knowing how to use ‘pastiche’ in a sentence.
Alan Weedon (Catalyst), Zoe Efron (Farrago), Lily Mei (Veritgo), and Tina Giannoulis (Tharunka)

2-3pm What we talk about when we talk about freedom in student publications? 
Whatever happens, don’t mess with a dessert multinational. As all publications inevitably have to work within varying degrees of restriction, this year’s batch of editors will talk you through the odd curiosities of student media.

Featuring Rachel Eddie and Lachlan McKenzie (Vertigo), Andrew Day (Lot’s Wife), Zoe Efron (Farrago), and Steph Walker (Flinders Uni Media Officer)

3-4pm Student media and journalism
So student media can be broadly defined with many things. Beyond the clichés, of parties and beer, student media is a platform to breed the next crop of emerging journalists. But who and exactly what is their point? See what this year’s student media eds have to say after doing journalism degrees where nearly all avenues point to the fact that their industry is shedding its skin.

Michelle See-Tho (Farrago), Allison Worrall (Catalyst), Steph Walker (Flinders Uni), Ammy Singh and Tina Giannoulis (Tharunka)

4-5pm You have a publication, now what? 
Throughout the academic year, some students believe it’s appropriate to add to their workload by putting a magazine together throughout the year. Putting aside the awkward tid-bits of wisdom from student politicians, student media editors are in a privileged position to publish who they want, and what they want (usually). This panel asks the question once you get the office door keys: now what?

Broede Carmody (Catlayst), Amy Fitzgerald (Lot’s Wife), Rachael Eddie (Vertigo), Steph Walker (Flinders Uni).