We look forward to seeing you both online and in person!

To attend online events please follow these steps:


1. Create an account 

Register your details so that you can create your personalised schedule. It also signs you up to receive our daily digest email during the festival, as a reminder for what’s on.


2. Reserve your spot for special events (optional)

Some of our programmed sessions have limited capacity, or have limited access for privacy reasons. RSVP for these special events to make sure you can get in on the day.


3. Tune in and get involved

Log in for your scheduled events: you can watch directly from your account dashboard, and some events will also be streamed through our social media pages. Comment and engage with events on social media: tag us at @nywf / @nationalyoungwritersfestival, #nywf. Most events will also be available for on-demand streaming after their initial broadcast, so you can watch at your own pace. For the best viewing experience, we recommended you watch the videos on a desktop device.




Accessibility and participation guide


Code of Conduct

All audience members, artists and team members are required to follow our Code of Conduct. Read the Code of Conduct.



All our core events are FREE. On rare occasions we have a one-off session with a ticket price; in these cases entry fees are charged to recoup production costs rather than for profit. We are committed to being as financially accessible as possible, and will not charge for events unless there is no other way to create them.


Online / digital

This year we are returning with a hybrid model – retaining a digital program that will exist alongside the usual festival which takes place across the October long weekend in Newcastle NSW -, which means that people can potentially access the program from any location (excellent for those who haven’t been able to come to NYWF in the past due to travel barriers!). It also means, however, that an internet connection is needed to access events. We recognise that this will limit access for those without an internet connection, especially in places where public libraries and other free internet spots may be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Creating an account

To save your own festival schedule, RSVP for limited-capacity sessions, and comment on event broadcasts, you’ll need to create an NYWF account, which should just take a few minutes. This is to add more security for our artists. If you’d like some support with creating an account, please see the above three steps or contact us. If you’d like to access our events without an NYWF account, you can watch a number of events via our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram pages



Many of our events have closed captions at the time of broadcast, you can filter/search our current on demand videos over on YouTube for which are captioned. 



We have tried to program a range of event experiences, whether that’s full-length performances, short readings, multi-artist chats, or a shared Google doc created as a durational collaborative writing experiment. You can engage with events as they are being broadcast, or you can watch back later at a time that suits you. You can filter events by type when browsing, and our website also has a ‘night mode’ to reduce screen luminosity. In other words, we hope that whatever kind of festival format you’re into, we have at least something for you. 


Anything else?

Have we missed something? Get in touch with us.