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General enquiries: info@youngwritersfestival.org

Media and marketing enquiries: marketing@youngwritersfestival.org



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Team contacts

Co-director Lur Alghurabi: lur@youngwritersfestival.org

Co-director Michael Louis Kennedy: mike@youngwritersfestival.org

Co-director Isobel Marmion: isobel@youngwritersfestival.org

Co-manager Haneen Mahmood Martin: haneen@youngwritersfestival.org

Co-manager Saoirse Nash: saoirse@youngwritersfestival.org

Communications manager Jack Gow: marketing@youngwritersfestival.org


Mailing address

The National Young Writers’ Festival
c/- NSW Writers’ Centre
PO Box 1056
Rozelle NSW 2039