Tarni Cruickshank

Tarni is a Bachelor of Communication student at the University of Newcastle, majoring in news media and media arts production, and the Volunteers and Production Coordinator of NYWF 2023. They are based in Newcastle on unceded Awabakal land.

She is an avid lover of words and the many ways we can use them to express ourselves. Being born and raised in Newcastle, Tarni sees the festival as an exciting opportunity to showcase the work of young artists in the many beautiful locations that her hometown has to offer.

Tarni enjoys writing mostly poetry, prose and think-pieces, constantly experimenting with different ways to merge writing with other art forms, making blackout poetry collages, zines and poetry readings layered over short films they have curated. Words have been an important part of Tarni’s life since they were young; she would often make handmade cards for her family members’ birthdays which always included a short story. When asked to recall the beginning of this love for words, the reading of her first piece of literature, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, springs to mind, a timeless book that meant a lot to her as a little girl and opened her eyes to a lifelong passion.

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