Thirangie Jayatilake

Thirangie Jayatilake is a Sri Lankan writer, editor, and storyteller based in Naarm. She has an undergraduate degree in Literature and Creative Writing from New York University and a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing, Publishing, and Editing from the University of Melbourne. Thirangie’s work has been published in Airport Road, Farrago Magazine, Myraid Magazine, Postscript Journal, The Gazelle, Grattan Street Press and Xenozine. She has served as an editor at Antithesis Journal, Grattan Street Press, Postscript Magazine, Revarena Ediciones, The Gazelle, Airport Street and Perera-Hussein Publishing House. Her passion for global and diverse literature has led her to volunteer for Asymptote Journal and she is currently the Inclusion and Accessibility Advisor for Editors Victoria, the Victorian branch of the Institute of Professional Editors Australia and New Zealand. She currently teaches in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne.