Unlock an experience like no other with Words That Feed Us, a First Nations food and poetry event. Hosted by the dynamic Brooke Scobie, prepare to be swept off your feet as storytelling takes a new form. While you indulge in a series of mini-courses crafted by the Goorie chef Ben Scobie, three captivating First Nations poets—Lucy Norton, Rani Tesiram, and Brooke Scobie—will share their verses. Ben’s culinary artistry shines as he infuses First Nations ingredients into reimagined classics, elevating them into dishes that honour the stories of this continent’s waterways. As each course arrives, our poets will steer your imagination with words that mirror the journey of your taste buds. Come for the food, stay for the words, and leave forever changed.

(The food portion of this event is invite only, however you are still welcome to attend and listen to the food knowledges and poetry that is going to be shared.)